SHOUT – PM (Program Manager)  programs management software

for non-profits by non-profits

SHOUT – PM is the most powerful and easy to use programs and services tracking system specifically designed for non-profits by non-profits. It allows an organization to track and pay for programs and services performed by affiliates and/or vendors. PM allows each user to see goals set by the parent organization and report the attendance of the various services online. It includes many unique features that non-profits require. This makes PM easy and intuitive to use for non-profits. It offers administrative screens for all of the different users: participants, agencies, and system admins. Each user can update their account information and view the services they are associated with including all past services. Below you will find a partial list of the features that PM offers.

Each installation of PM is customized to fit the needs of your organization. PM is a field tested system that is capable of handling all of your program and service reporting needs. Our very flexible pricing plans allow organizations of any size to start and grow with PM.


  • Web based application that can be used from any web browser. Built on the powerful Microsoft Web Application and database platform.
  • Unlimited programs and services associated with each program.
  • Set service prices and required support documentation.
  • Set affiliate goals for each service e.g. how many units of the service they need for each month.
  • Works on mobile phones and tablets.
  • Allow participants to register online and update their personal information.
  • Inform users of required documentation before they can submit attendance for a service.
  • Automatically generate invoices based on the attendance data.
  • Email notifications of all activity on the website.
  • Advance approval system with multiple levels of reviewers and final approval.
  • System request access form with approval and notification.
  • Ability to close periods to prevent additional information being entered after invoice is paid.
  • Various user roles with different access and permission rights.
  • Documents upload and approval.
  • Various reports that can exported to Excel.
  • Search functionality on screens.

Contact SHOUT today for demo and allow us to show you what PM can do you for organization.

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