SHOUT – VM (Volunteer Manager)  volunteers management software

for non-profits by non-profits



SHOUT – VM is a powerful and easy to use programs volunteer management and tracking system specifically designed for non-profits by non-profits. It allows an organization to accept, approve, and track volunteers and the work they perform. Volunteers can apply online and upload any required documentation. VM then starts the approval process and notifies the volunteer if they are accepted. The system can automatically assign various training and testing task to the volunteer. Once a volunteer has completed all of the required training and testing the system can automatically begin assigning work to them based on various parameters. The system can also track on report on the time each volunteer spends performing various tasks assigned to them. The real power of VM is its ability to automatically assign tasks to volunteers based on predetermined time frames and/or parameters e.g. the various status or level of a volunteer. VM handles the complete volunteer lifecycle: application, approval, training, work assignment, and time tracking.

Each installation of VM is customized to fit the needs of your organization. VM is a field tested system that is capable of handling all of your volunteer management and reporting needs. Our very flexible pricing plans allow organizations of any size to start and grow with VM.


  • Web based application that can be used from any web browser. Built on the powerful Microsoft Web Application and database platform.
  • Customized volunteer application form.
  • Assign task to volunteers manually or automatically with start and due dates.
  • Mark task as complete and track assigned task status.
  • Track volunteer time spent performing different type of work/services.
  • Track contact e.g. phone calls etc. with volunteers.
  • Track time spent on training.
  • Admin can predefine tasks and services to be assigned.
  • Assign various roles and permission levels to users.

Contact SHOUT today for demo and allow us to show you what VM can do you for organization.

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